Garbage’s Shirley Manson Calls Out Big Name Actor For Being A Pedophile

Garbage singer Shirley Manson has called out late Glee actor Mark Salling for being a pedophile. Salling recently hung himself just weeks ahead of his sentencing for charges of possessing child pornography featuring children as young as 3 years old being sexually abused.

Manson tweeted, “Mark Sailing was a pedaphile who stockpiled pics+vid of children as young as 3yrs old being sexually abused. Stop with the sympathetic media.”

She also discussed the #MeToo and #TimesUp sexual assault movements in a new Yahoo interview.

“I feel like the conversation is being had and it is a really significant cultural moment, and it’s on everybody’s lips. I think that will affect a generation of men and women — or everyone on the spectrum, let’s say. I think it’s never going to change people who have serious sexual problems. There’s always going to be predators out there, and they will prey on anyone. No amount of discussion and no amount of analysis will ever change that; some people are sick in the head, and that’s just how it goes. But I do think it will give pause to the average [man of] power and privilege that thinks he can just take what he wants, when he wants, without consequence. I do think that’s one of the greatest things that we’ll take from this moment in time.

Above all things, we must encourage people to speak out, and continue to speak out. It’s about using your voice. If you don’t use your voice, you’re eradicated by history. That’s just how it’s always been. You must be a witness to your own experience. And at this time when we’re all so busy broadcasting, we really all need to stop and listen, and actually pay attention, and see, and hear, and try, and reeducate our children. A lot of it’s about education. It’s about teaching people what is right and what is wrong, what’s appropriate and what’s not.”

Mark Sailing was a pedaphile who stockpiled pics+vid of children as young as 3yrs old being sexually abused.Stop with the sympathetic media.

— Garbage (@garbage) February 1, 2018

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